Kevin Robert, CEO Saatch & Saatchi

Ein inspirierender, mitreißender Vortrag von Kevin Roberts, Erfinder der Lovemarks. Lovemarks, sein Ersatz für die herkömmlichen Marken.

Meine Mitschrift:
We want everything, and we want it now. Great businesses are built on passion, on emotion. Their not built on reason, or strategy or management. Not for the banks.

Rational thinking leads to conclusions. Then you call in McKinsey – Rational thinking leads to McKinsey. Emotional thinking leads to action!

Creative leadership: creative leaders inspire the crazy’s.

He has thousands of creative people working for him. But they don’t work for him. They work for themselves.

You cannot let eagles fly in a formation. So how to inspire them?

Forget about looking for the Big Idea. Get lot’s of small ideas out there. The consumer picks one up and runs with it.

They reframe from presence into absence.

Look for the obvious.

Responsibility. Learning. Recognition. Joy.

Happy bunnies work harder then unhappy bunnies.

Brands are dead. Lovemarks! Give up. Quality trust. Lovemarks are built on respect and love.

Premium pricing is beyond pricing, beyond benefit.

Make pepsi irreplaceable. It should be irresistible.

Enthusiastic: change stuff tomorrow.
Empathetic: Listen. The consumer is the boss.
Execute: very fast. Time is now. Vuca-world. No strategy.

Don’t call the office, call your father.